How to dispose drywall properly

Date Stamps:
 “Dated” or “Non-Dated”,  the board has a Manufacturer’s Date Stamp.  These stamps are black, blue or purple 

Acceptable date stamps are NEVER green.  The date stamp can be on the front, back or edge of the board.​



Load Screening Procedure

Loads with Date Stamps of 1990 - now and Cut-Ends can only be accepted if the load is:

Consistent throughout  (i.e. same colour / condition); and completion of a Declaration & Acknowledgment form.

Loads with board from pre 1990 or board without manufacturer’s date stamps:

Consistent throughout (i.e. same colour / condition);

Homeowners: Must follow specific procedures for obtaining samples for asbestos analysis;
Has analytical reports indicating that the potentially asbestos containing drywall related components are non-detect for asbestos; and, Completes the Homeowner Declaration and Acknowledgment Form and Summary Table.

Contractors: Has a Hazardous Building Materials Investigation report (“HBMI”) or HBMI Summary Table with Analytical Results indicating all drywall related components are non-detect for asbestos; or,
If the analytical report shows detected asbestos in drywall related components: A Clearance Letter indicating that the asbestos containing materials listed in the Assessment have all been removed; or;
An Undertaking signed by a Qualified Person stating that the asbestos contaminated materials remain in place and undisturbed.
Completes a Declaration and Acknowledgment Form.
Loads that do not meet the requirements are rejected. All rejected loads are documented on a Load Rejection Form and a copy is given to the customer.

HBMI and Analytical Reports: An  email of the report(s) needs to be provided when bin is ordered and a paper copy of the report at the time the bin is delivered;
Must include a description and location of the samples taken; and,
Must indicate the address of the home / building where the samples were obtained.

Clearance Letters Must: Meet the WCB requirements;
Include the property address; and,
Must indicate that all asbestos containing materials identified in the Hazardous Building Materials Assessment were removed.

Additional Verification:



Texture coat (ceiling) or drywall joint compound MUST ALSO BE TESTED.

Reports must be less than 1 year old.

Minimum 250.00 fee if load is rejected in any way (garbage mix, report not accepted, or different dated drywall not on report, it will be returned to your site will be charged to your credit card. 

Step 1

Call and order bin

Step 2

Click on Terms/Conditions link in your email.

Step 3

Bin will be delivered

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