Dumpster Bins

Orange Bins is a mini bin disposal system that removes anything that your municipal trash service won't take. Our unique system allows our customers to leave behind containers that we remove. Whether you're renovating, cleaning your basement, or on a construction site, Orange Bins offers mini bins dumpster rentals and waste removals for your unpleasant junk quickly and easily.
Our equipment and vehicles are versatile, being able to get the bins in and out of places that other companies can't even consider. 

The mini bin container is placed on the property in a manner that is convenient and efficient. Our roll off system is clean, customer friendly and non-damaging to driveways. By simply calling us we're able to drop off a waste bin for just about anywhere; for North Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, or Port Coquitlam. Once the disposal bin is full, call us and we will return at a pre-arranged time to complete the dumpster removal process.


bin rental from Orange Bins

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