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Orange Bins recycles:

100% Dirt Recycled
100% Metal Recycled
100% Drywall Recycled
100% Concrete Recycled
100% Green Waste Recycled


Dirt -- We try and find someone who needs the fill, give away to people who need to fill a pond, a pool, level their house... or to a dumpsite that recycles the dirt.

At Orange Bins Dumpster Bin Rentals we believe it is our responsibility to do as much recycling  as we can to help our community leave the smallest environmental footprint possible. After all, don't we all have a part in taking care of what we have?
Like most of our clients and website visitors, we have children & grand children of our own and sometimes we are concerned that the planet they are inheriting from us will be here after we're long gone.
We thought long and hard about how we could be more of the solution. We felt that it was just not enough that we provide you with junk or waist removal services with our excellent mini bins & larger dumpster bins. But what If we could help you be more informed about the rising concern with our environment or information that helps us all do our part.
Well here it is; a list of articles researched & added to the site by the Orange Bins team.
RCBC is a multi-sectoral, non-profit, membership driven organization that promotes the principles of zero waste through information services, the exchange of ideas and research.
RCBC is Canada’s longest-serving recycling council. Since 1974 we have led B.C.’s progressive policy of Extended Producer Responsibility programs and other initiatives to find innovative ways to eliminate waste and decrease British Columbia's environmental footprint.
Metro Vancouver has a vision to achieve what humanity aspires to on a global basis - the highest quality of life embracing cultural vitality, economic prosperity, social justice and compassion, all nurtured in by a beautiful and healthy natural environment.
Founded in 1985 and now with recycling plants in Canada, the United Kingdom, France and the United States, New West Gypsum Recycling (NWGR) of Vancouver, British Columbia is the world leader in the recycling of waste gypsum and drywall/plasterboard products.
Since our inception, we have recycled more than 2 million tonnes of wet and dry gypsum wallboard waste from new building construction and renovation sites, as well as from drywall manufacturers, wholesalers and applicators.
We are known as an acknowledged expert in the efficient and economic processing of these waste products, and our patented technology, proprietary processing systems and consulting services for recycling gypsum waste are applicable around the world.
Ecowaste Industries Ltd. owns and operates the Richmond Landfill in Richmond, BC, a suburb of Vancouver, Canada. The landfill accepts inert refuse, mainly from construction and demolition activities. Ecowaste also recycles a number of waste streams, including yard waste which is composted on site. Facilities operated by others for the bioremediation of contaminated soil have been established.
Wastech operates the local transfer stations in North Vancouver, Coquitlam and Surrey.
BA Blacktop Ltd. has operated for over 50 years in North Vancouver, where the headquarters, modern asphalt plant and recycling crushing operation are located.

We provide disposal bins for hoarders and estates.

Orange Bins provides: Bin rental, dumpster, garbage bins, disposal bins, trash bins, waste bins, mini-bins & disposal roll off containers & dumpsters in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New westminster, Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in the G.V.R.D.

          BIN SIZES

ALL Bin size and volume are approximate

5 YARD BIN  - 10Lx6Wx2H, 10 YARD BIN -10LX6WX4H, 12 YARD BIN -12LX8WX4H, 16 YARD BIN -12LX8WX5H, 20 YARD BIN -12LX8WX6H

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