Terms of sevice

  1. The customer is responsible for what goes into the dispoal bin rental.
  2. All damage to the dumpster bin will be charged to the customer.
  3. Over loading of the dumpster bin will result in extra charges to the customer.
  4. No hazardous waste of any kind including asbestos or contaminated dirt in the dumpster bin.
  5. Refusal of payment will lead to the  dumpster bin being dumped on the spot.
  6. Heavy machinery and equipment are not allowed to load the dumpster.
  7. It is the customers responsibility to ensure a suitable spot to place the dumpster so it does not damage your property.
  8. All dumpsters that are over the weight limit will be charged to their visa or master card.
  9. The area in front of the disposal bin needs to be clear upon pickup.

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